Olympus Mons

by Mars Water

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Olympus Mons is an EP following Here We Are. It was recorded in December 2011 and the beginning of January 2012 and released January 5th, 2012. I focused on flow while recording this album. You may be able to listen to this album on a continuous loop, and maybe even continue from Here We Are directly.


released January 5, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Ponny Kosmas. Drums in tracks 1, 2, & 7 - Kiley Plass. Singing in 2 - Jessica Ott & Eva Kosmas. Saxophone in 5 & 6 - Eric Bennett. Chills vox reprise in track 7 - Eva Kosmas. Whistling in track 2 - Kaila Bittinger.

Album Art Nikolai Carlson



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Mars Water Portland, Oregon

Ponny Kosmas began writing a song a month as a solo project in 2011. The goal was to create 12 songs that he would enjoy listening to and could give to friends as a present at the end of the year. A couple months and a couple songs later, he came up with the name Mars Water, combining his interests and fears in both astronomy and the ocean. ... more

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Track Name: Chills
Oh darling, you were my golden sun
But now you’re gone, and winter’s come
The beaches we went to, and the lakes we swam
Are now frozen over with snow instead of sand

Darling, you were my golden sun
But now you’re gone, and winter’s come
Where should we go, and where should we hide?
Where is the sun in the sky?
Track Name: The Great Northwest
Where the water is warm, where the sun is bright
Where the traffic is none, where the ceiling is high
When lights are all out, and the people asleep
When we all go out, when we all sing
Track Name: I Dream of the Ocean
As the water flows over my head
I dream of the ocean
As sharks swim ‘round my bed
I dream of the ocean

Well a little voice said you could wind up dead
If you lay under and don’t breathe in

Well I just wanna rest my head
And dream of the ocean
Track Name: Reaching Bliss
If you find yourself, so down
Come with me and we can sort it out
And when you come back your, mind is clear
Your worries gone and disappeared

Throw away all things bad
And all things that will make you sad
Hold on friend hold on tight
Don’t worry kid it’s gonna be alright