Tempus Fugit

by Mars Water

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The third record and second full length from Mars Water is titled ‘Tempus Fugit’ meaning ‘Time Flies’ in Latin. Time is something I think about a lot. It’s something hard to describe as well, as there are many qualities accompanying a standard definition of time, such as nostalgia, impatience, deadlines, angst, etc.
‘Tempus Fugit’ is a concept album about time and its related qualities, and features a recurring time motif throughout the album’s course. The album includes an instrumental suite progressing from life to death each song. These songs are titled, “The Living,” “The Sasha,” and, “The Zamani.” Swahili culture is known to believe that stages of history or life progress through these stages, where you are either living, in the Sasha, or in the Zamani. The living stage is self explanatory. In the Sasha stage, you have died, but people still remember you and you live on through memory. This is an interesting stage to think about as you would imagine someone would want to leave a mark on the world to stay in the Sasha longer. In a sense, you are a living dead. One enters the Zamani when the last person who remembered them dies, and they have completely passed. Each song of the suite will try and capture the concept of each stage instrumentally.
The track order in ‘Tempus Fugit’ begins with the sound of children to symbolize the start of life, and continues to get more serious in instrumentation and lyrical content to symbolize the progression and maturation of life until death.
The album cover signifies ‘Time Flies’ by depicting an older man reflecting on his past and simpler times, while looking over the ever expanding suburbia. He may be thinking how much the time has changed and flown by in his life.
All components of the album, being the songs, track list, art, lyrics, etc., come together to create Tempus Fugit. I hope you enjoy the concept and all the components of the album!

Thank you for listening!


released July 31, 2012

Recording, editing, mastering, and concept by Ponny Kosmas

Art by Nikolai Carlson - dgtlgreens.tumblr.com

Ponny Kosmas - Guitars/Bass/Vocals/Piano
Peter Abraham - Guitar/Vocals
William Van Downey - Bass
Kiley Plass - Drums/Percussion

Saxophone on The Living - Eric Bennett
Ooos on 'Forever' and 'Dreams' - Jessica Ott

Recorded from February 2012 - July 2012



all rights reserved


Mars Water Portland, Oregon

Ponny Kosmas began writing a song a month as a solo project in 2011. The goal was to create 12 songs that he would enjoy listening to and could give to friends as a present at the end of the year. A couple months and a couple songs later, he came up with the name Mars Water, combining his interests and fears in both astronomy and the ocean. ... more

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Track Name: Reckless Youth
I’m getting older
But thinking like I was younger
Reckless in every way
And acting like I got all the days

I’m losing time
But acting like I got it all
Reckless in every way
And acting like I got all the days

When we’re young we take our time
Making love and feeling alright
When we’re young we risk our lives
When we’re young we live to die
Track Name: I Couldn't Wait So Long
Waiting around
For too long
Asking myself
Will you ever show up

I might have to leave
You’re not gonna come
If you show up
I’ll be gone

I Couldn’t Wait So Long
Track Name: Teen Dreams
Mom said that
Drugs are bad
But she didn’t try them
So how does she know

Dad says that
School is good
But he didn’t go
So how does he know

My Friend says that
I need a girl
But he doesn’t have one
How does he know

Mom said that
Drugs are bad
But she didn’t try them
So how does she know

Whats good for my life
Too bad they’re always right

I’m tired of all this shit
That sprung on me this instant
Now I have to say goodbye
To my dreams and hopes that were high

But I will dream till I die
Track Name: Who Knows
Waking up on rainy day
But happy I’m alive
I don’t have the common taste
For the sun in my eyes

Tired of the foggy haze
That covers my life
Waiting for the sunny day
To clear up my mind

Who Knows
Whats wrong and right
Who knows
How long is there time
Who Knows
Track Name: Forever
Forever seems long, but not if you’re where you belong
Time can go by fast, so hang on and make it last

Forever seems long, but not if you’re where you belong
Settle where you feel right, then sit back and enjoy life

Don’t worry about

What is forever?
Track Name: Stay
I’ll miss you when you’re gone
You set off tomorrow
Could you at least not go too far

Why leave when nothings wrong
At least I got your number
And you might not feel so far
But you might be gone too long

I’ll miss you when you’re gone
You set off tomorrow
Could you at least not go too far
You might be gone too long

Why go far away, can’t you stay
Track Name: Dreams
The sun is setting now
Golden colors fill the town
This means the day will end
Soon to come, soon my friend

You can rest your head
You can dream instead

The sun will rise again
A new day up, a new trend
Some days are the same again
Over and over, it begins ’til

You rest your head
You dream instead

Of our days, our time
Our dreams, and our lives
Track Name: A Way Back Home
Leave me where I’ve gone to rest
Walkin’ to the setting sun
Headed through the desert west
Headed with my gun

Tried to find paradise
But I never found one
I got lost in a field of sand
I died alone without anyone

Thinking about where I’ll go, when my life is gone
But I’ve already died, I’m trying to find

Find A Way Back Home